A warm welcome! My name is Cara, and I'm the Santa Barbara seamstress and blogger behind the couture sewing and fashion blog, Celebrity Dressmaker. I recreate and re-imagine ensembles designed by famous dressmakers with a specialty in the period from Dior's New Look to the mid-sixties with Jackie O. 

     I am also the founder and visionary of the Couture Pattern Museum, based in Santa Barbara. The Couture Pattern Museum oversees one of the world's largest and most significant collections of commercial haute couture and high fashion sewing patterns released by international and American fashion design houses during the golden age of couture and dressmaking, from the late 1940's to the mid 1960's. My mission is to organize, digitize, and recreate the most important couture sewing patterns released by world famous designers, before their fragile paper patterns disintegrate. 

     I have been published in Threads Magazine, featured on as a creator of a "Princess Dress," and also featured as the first ever member of the month on My work has been highlighted on the platforms of famous design houses, and exclusive designer fabric stores. 

     My previous college degree and career was in Finance, and I worked at an entertainment bank in Century City and Beverly Hills. I switched careers to a more interpersonally rewarding healthcare position at a Heart Hospital as a Patient Advocate and completed two Master's certificates at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. In between nursing classes, and working demanding hours at the heart hospital, I began sewing for those in need in the nursing home. Although I've been creating and sewing almost my entire life, I finally started this sewing blog during the pandemic in 2020, and have since expanded my sewing interests to begin sewing couture dresses for others.

     This blog is not monetized or sponsored by any corporation or product that I discuss. No commercial ads are sponsored on this page. I have a strict privacy policy and I will not sell or use your personal data or information. 

     This blog was created to support and honor the dressmakers, designers, and seamstresses who have a love for sewing, or for anyone who has a love for the history of fashion, and appreciates fashion as art. I hope to provide some helpful ideas, tips, and inspiration as we recreate dresses from famous design houses. Together, we can also enjoy the beauty and elegance of the finished product.

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     I hope you enjoy making designer couture dresses with me!

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