1958 Simonetta Ensemble in 2021 - Vogue Pattern #101

We are entering the rainy season here in California, so I decided to wear this dress before the grey clouds rolled in.

Brocade isn't typically my favorite fabric, but after considering many options with this dress, I decided to take the leap.

The sturdy brocade held the pleats and the structure of the dress, and presented the volume in a way I think the designer intended. There is only one layer of crinoline under the brocade!

Simonetta often used brocade and satins for her designs. By selecting a timeless fabric, I think vintage dresses can be timeless and relevant, even 63 years later!

Overall, the most difficult part about making the dress, or other vintage ensembles, is getting the fit just right. Rarely do any of us have the privilege of being able to sew without making some adjustments. There’s a fine line between the dress being snug vs. the dress being too tight. (I’m still trying to figure out where that line is).

I like the privacy panel behind the skirt front because when one sits, there’s a sort of “flowering” that happens with the skirt.

The bow on the skirt front and the front bolero-tie, make this dress so feminine, even with a masculine, dark-bronze fabric.

Simonetta is one of my favorite designers and I hope she would approve of her reimagined design, 63 years later, here in 2021.


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