An Elegant Spring Galanos Dress - McCall's 4045

Updated: Apr 20

I finally had a chance to wear the Galanos dress for Easter!

Do you notice the 15.5' hem? The hem was turned under and sewn in place by hand.

Do you notice the 130 external darts? All 130 darts had to be gathered together at the waist - by hand, because no machine gathering method worked for me.

The bodice is made from a silk-linen, and the skirt is a cotton-organdie. The voluminous, heavy skirt is held up by a waist-stay, so no pressure was put on the bodice. This allows for the heavy skirt to move almost independently from the bodice.

I had many ideas for different color combinations, but, ultimately, I chose black and white, because it is timeless.

The black fabric on the bodice makes it a bit difficult to see the permanent belt and bow, but I thought the designer's bow was a whimsical addition to the dress.

This was very challenging to make, because of the volume of the dress, but I am glad I took on the challenge, and it was enjoyable to wear it on a beautiful Easter Sunday.

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