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Big Announcement: Moving to Another Blog

New Blog is Here:

Dear Readers,

As you know, I started this blog in 2020 to share my love for these world-famous dressmakers and their beautiful, timeless designs. The remarkable story of their relationship with the home seamstress had been lost to history. My mission was to resurrect this story and preserve it for future generations.

During this time, I have also been working in the background, creating a bigger vehicle to tell this story: the Couture Pattern Museum.

The Couture Pattern Museum is a start-up, private museum. Its mission is to educate and recreate the dresses made from these designer couture patterns, and to preserve the fragile patterns and their instructions before they disintegrate. I've been working on this idea, in one manner or another, for over two decades.

This past year, the museum opened its couture Atelier and began accepting commissions. In addition, it moved into a downtown Santa Barbara corporate office, mounted two public exhibitions, had excellent press write-ups that attracted national attention, and conducted two educational workshops.

I still love blogging and sharing the details of these recreated dresses with you, but it is time to integrate this blog with the vibrant workings and undertakings of the Couture Pattern Museum.

Starting today, all previous blog posts will be transferred to the Couture Pattern Museum's Atelier Blog, which is available for $5 a month subscription fee. Any new posts will be housed at the Couture Pattern Museum. This is a better home to capture these designers' ideas and for me to be centralized under one roof. In addition, the monthly subscription will help support the cost, mission, and activities of the Couture Pattern Museum.

For participants who've attended the Insider Series Workshop in Santa Barbara, please accept our gift of a one-year, no-cost subscription. Please contact the museum, and we will refund the blog fee for one year after you sign up.

Thank you for your support and ongoing interest in these amazing designer patterns and their relationship with the home seamstress.

This is the beginning of a beautiful new journey, and we would like to invite you along. You may subscribe to the website here:

Thank you for sharing your comments and hearts with me.

With deepest gratitude,



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