Blogger wearing James Galanos for McCalls #4046

I finally had a chance to wear the second recreated James Galanos dress before the summer of 2022 slipped away.

It was surprisingly comfortable to wear since there’s no steel-boning.

The organza was much lighter to wear compared to wearing yards of heavier cotton organdie.

It’s hard to believe that there were only two pattern pieces for the bodice; because of this, the bodice has a slight cowl and lays on the bias.

The bodice gets its shaping from 5 darts at the bustline.

Let me remind you of the original Galanos dress that I found in my 1956 McCall’s counterbook.

The bodice is made from a drapey-crepe, so the dress doesn't really come to life until it’s worn.

I wanted this dress to have its own voice, separate from the previous Galanos #m4045 that I made.

This was achieved through the juxtaposition of the black and white fabric selection.

The intense petticoat made it a bit difficult to sit and travel comfortably in the car.

Since the skirt was made from organza, it’s partly translucent. The petticoat provides some privacy but for those who wish for ultimate modesty, a slip is required.

It’s hard to believe that the delicate satin ribbon at the hem and waistline had to be sewn in by hand to keep any machine stitch from showing.

Here’s the dress on the dress form. You can see how much this dress needs to be worn to make it come to life!

I hope you enjoyed analyzing the difference between the two similar Galanos for McCall’s designs. I think I’m going to take a break from making darts for a bit!


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