Blogger wearing the c.1955 Jean Dessès V1313 Gown

It is time to celebrate the completion of the 1955 Jean Dessès’ gown!

Jean Dessès is another designer I greatly respect.

Dessès house "code" included the use of twists, pleats and gathers.

His evening dresses of chiffon are considered his best work, which have the appearance of classical sculpture.

Even though this dress may not be a typically identifiable, chiffon Dessès gown, I feel the silhouette still embodies Dessès' signature lines with the pleats in the back and on the stole.

The removable, matching stole with bow was a neat feature of the ensemble. There was quite the volume to this dress, as you can see below:

I’m glad I ommited the shoulder straps on this dress. The weight of the heavy dress is held up with the bodice whalebones and waist stay.

I am so glad Dessès released sewing patterns. He is no longer a household name, but deserves recognition and respect for his vision and talent.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this pattern recreated using a modern haute couture print, and I hope to be able to wear this gown to a charity ball some day.

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