Dessès Vogue #1313 & Jean Dessès Couture Mini-Biography

Here is a gorgeous sewing pattern designed by Jean Dessès in 1955. The gown, with its accompanying scarf, calls for nearly 13 yards of fabric!

Below, I located a gorgeous image of the gown in the Nov. 1, 1955 issue of Vogue magazine. The description reads:

Dessès' evening dress of back-blown satin roses and fichu. Important thing to watch: your centre seam.... With a printed fabric you may want an extra quarter yard for "play." Beautiful, too, in brocade, damask. No. 1313.

Vogue Magazine, Nov. 1, 1955, Desses pattern #1313, FORLANO

Here is the line drawing, depicted in the same issue:

Line Drawing of Desses #1313, Vogue Magazine, Nov 1, 1955