Easter Dress, Madame Gres Vogue #1411

The dress was made in an off-white 4-ply silk crepe. Madame Gres loved working in white, and she said:

"To me, white represents peace — order and peace," - Madame Gres

Suzy Menkes of The New York Times described a Madame Gres’ work as:

“It has all the sweet stillness and architectural grace of a Greek statue — a column of a dress draped to the body and hand-tucked with tiny pleats."

This is a wonderful spring/summer dress. I styled it with a vintage hat and gloves to add a formality to the dress and to celebrate Easter Sunday. Even though it has a partial corselette underneath, it’s very comfortable and easy to wear.

I don't think this wrap dress will ever go out of style, and I don't think there is an age bracket that couldn't wear this design. Her dedication to classicism allows me to wear this dress 63 years later and not feel like I'm wearing a dated costume design.

''She made eternal clothing, so it is always a Madame Gres moment.'' - Richard Martin, curator for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Sadly, the Madame Gres' Haute Couture house no longer exists, but we can still learn from her techniques left behind in her authorized, and authentic, sewing patterns.

Making this Madame Gres dress has been a privilege because her style is so unique, and I felt that I was retracing the steps of a master.


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