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Root With Restore By Bin4ry quiill


root with restore by bin4ry

how to backup.pst the problem with Bin4ry v26. for win 7 64 bits Jul 20, 2014 Did you mean Bin4ry made a small script which is able to root Blu Quattro 4.5? I think I may have bricked my phone with this. I've seen a few posts about using Bin4ry for the Blu Quattro 4.5, so I gave it a try. Jul 20, 2014 Now you can restore bin4ry after successful root installation Jul 20, 2014 How to Root iPhone 5S? UnRoot jailbreak 5S Root restore bin4ry. Jul 20, 2014 If Bin4ry pointed out some posts which he mentioned on his previous . Jul 20, 2014 I found the same error on my blackberry q5. Maybe I had a similar error before (that's how I installed bin4ry) Jul 20, 2014 I guess it didn't fix all the errors. If anyone knows the error (and can tell me how to fix it) please let me know.. I can't find out what the other errors are. But now my phone works again. Jul 20, 2014 Hello i have v26 version of bin4ry root and restore. If I install bin4ry it is not reinstalled? How to solve this problem? Jul 20, 2014 I have a slight problem: If I reboot the phone, it shuts down. Sometimes. But it's not very often.. I'm going to try a hard reboot. Jul 20, 2014 I have a problem with rootbin4ry. I can't find the root.bin4ry and install it. And I have another problem. I can't find an application for Jul 20, 2014 Can anyone help me? I've been trying to root my phone. But I don't know which error is the root.bin4ry because I can't find it. Jul 20, 2014 I had the same problem: I downloaded a bin4ry's file. I used it in phone and connected the phone to my pc. I can see the file in the files. But when I tried to open it. Bin4ry's tool doesn't open! Jul 20, 2014 I also got this problem, but I'm not sure if this is bin

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Root With Restore By Bin4ry quiill

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